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A Joyful + Healthier Halloween

by | October 30, 2019

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Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, playful and, if you have little ones, go trick or treating! It can also be a hectic time. If you have children, you may be organizing plans for where to go trick or treating. If you have more than one child, you may even be going to more than one Halloween event or neighborhoods to trick or treat, to make sure that all of your children get to spend time with their peers.

You may also have questions about how to set guidelines around candy and excessive sugar without being overly restrictive and spoiling the fun for your kids, loved ones (or yourself!). You may be wondering about how to prevent overeating sweets over the next few days and avoid consequences of sugar consumption, such as digestive symptoms, energy crashes, or hyperactive behavior late at night when your children (or you) are normally asleep!

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Our health coach and nutritionist, Vanessa Kahler, has written an article, where we have shared helpful tips for avoiding overconsumption of candy, while still having fun and focusing on spending time with friends and family. We cover strategies for a healthier Halloween, how we set boundaries in our own homes, while still enjoying the traditions and time together. We also talk about how this is a perfect opportunity to consider giving to others and have conversations with your children about how you can contribute as a family to those in need.

You can find Vanessa’s article here.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Halloween!
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