A Quick Way To De-Stress

by | March 7, 2023 | Mental health, wellness + thriving, Videos

When was the last time you felt empowered?

When in a state of chronic stress, we can often feel defeated, inhibited and drained due to fear and worries. Stress, past experiences, our genetics, trauma, our conditioned responses all impact how we react to stress.

Today, I will teach you a tool that I have been using myself and teaching to patients for almost a decade. This tool will help you regulate your stress response and gives you greater control over your physiology. I learned it from Dr. Andrew Weil, a pioneer in integrative medicine.

I recommend using the 4-7-8 breath in the morning when you wake up, at night, when you go to bed, and at any time you experience a stressful event, to help reset your nervous system and consciously guide your physiologic stress response. It’s also helpful to use when you are shifting from one task to the next, to mentally and mindfully clear the space and place yourself in an open, grounded and receptive state. We typically recommend 4 breath cycles at a time.

I invite you to join me in the practice of 4-7-8 breath.


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