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Happy to be in our new home!

by | August 22, 2019

Next week is an exciting one for our team at my medical practice! We are finally moving into our dream space. The circumstances that brought us here were not linear, and quite unexpected in fact (even though Dr. Bojana has had an eye on the health and wellness space brand, LINA, for over a year).

As you may know, less than three weeks after moving into our space in Chelsea, in Manhattan, in late April, we learned that the building we moved into was bought by a credit card company and all of the businesses were asked to leave by the end of May. Needless to say, this was quite a shock to us, given that we had just unpacked our boxes, started seeing patients in this space, and were ready to call it home.

Given that we had less than two weeks to find our new space, we consider ourselves lucky to have found a centrally located office that served our patients’ and our practice’s needs for the last three months. Nevertheless, we knew that this space was not the ideal fit that shared the health and wellness vision that we have. Through a series of events, and after looking at numerous spaces, we learned that a beautiful health and wellness space is being built just two blocks from our current location – the central 5th Avenue, just above the beautiful Madison Square Park.

Our practice manager, Bridget, our health coach Vanessa, and I made an appointment to see the space and were intrigued by how esthetically pleasing and innovative a medical space can be. This group shared our vision of creating a comfortable, polished, professional environment where our patients would feel at ease and would enjoy coming to. Our neighbors will include other medical practices, as well as other health and wellness professionals. We are proud and happy to be able to offer this amazing network to you and to be among colleagues who share the same values as us.

As I always like to point out a “lesson learned”, I will share our lesson from this experience. For us, this was a lesson in patience, acceptance of factors that we could not control (and hence, letting go of fixed ideas and beliefs), being flexible, and trusting that there is a reason for everything. With an open, yet intentional mindset, clarity and focus, we knew that we would arrive at our goal destination that will complement the care that we provide, and that our patients deserve.

We will be in our new location, at 245 5th Avenue (between 27th and 28th Streets), on the 3rd floor, starting Monday, August 26th. We look forward to welcoming our patients here and sharing the benefits of this amazing space with our patients.

If you are a patient of our practice and would like to book an appointment, or are interested in becoming a patient, please contact Bridget Shaffo at bridget@drbojana.com.

Warm regards,
Dr. Bojana and the team

PS – Here are Dr. Bojana, Bridget and Vanessa on our packing day:

Dr Bojana, Bridget and Vanessa

Here is a sneak peak at what another LINA location looks like:

A LINA location

Interested in becoming a patient?

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