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How to Be the CEO of Your Health

A Course by Bojana Jankovic Weatherly

Dr. Bojana Weatherly

Do you find nutrition and health advice to be confusing, often contradictory and overwhelming?

Do you find it hard to cope with increasing demands and stress in your life?

Are you ready to live at your highest level of health?

This course will not only empower you with evidence-based information that you must know to cultivate optimal health but will provide you with the tools to develop and maintain healthy, supportive habits, manage stress, and be in your best mental and physical state.

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Who is This Course For?

  • People who are ready to live at their highest level of health
  • People who are ready to TRANSFORM their health habits and make LASTING CHANGES
  • People who are looking for a deeper understanding of common health problems and how to SUPPORT THEIR HEALTH with EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES
  • People who are overwhelmed or confused by the abundance of information out there and want to cut through the noise and learn what they actually need to do to
  • People who want the support of like-minded individuals, and the personal guidance from a health coach to make changes they haven’t been able to make before

What Can I Expect From This Course?

  • You will develop an approach to health that is based on a deeper understanding of
    evidence-based health practices
  • You will be empowered to make the best decisions for your health
  • You will learn strategies to regulate your responses to challenges
  • You will receive the support and accountability from your health coach and your new

What Is Included In This Course?


Individuals will participate in the following courses (1 course per week for 6 weeks):

  • How to Plan for Your Health + Support Your Immunity
  • How to Boost Your Metabolism
  • How to Eat Mindfully and Intuitively
  • How to Manage Stress Effectively
  • How to Reach Peak Mental Performance
  • How to Optimize the Gut-brain Connection

One-on-one health coach sessions (3 sessions over 6 weeks/ 2 hours total) to set and work towards achieving your health goals:

  • Initial session: 1-hour
  • Mid-way session: 30 min
  • Graduating session: 30 min

Next Course Date: TBA

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Course Price: $650

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