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How to Beat Sugar Cravings

by | June 22, 2017

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One of the most common struggles I hear about in my clinical practice are cravings. I am also very familiar with them from first hand experience (Nutella, anyone? Trust me, or just ask my husband :).

Cravings, especially those related to sweets, are difficult to ignore, so most of the time we give in. And once we give in, we often feel guilty for indulging in food, which does not serve our self esteem or subsequent behavior.

In this video, Dr. Teresa Dean and I discuss common triggers of cravings, and provide several simple, effective methods to avoid giving in. I also share an app that I recently started using, that has definitely helped me check in with myself and think twice before reaching for chocolate…

Please let me know how these suggestions worked for you or if you have other effective ways of dealing with cravings!

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Dr. Bojana

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