How to Build Resilience

by | November 17, 2017 | Mental health, wellness + thriving, Videos

We all deal with stress, transitions, unexpected events and loss. When we are in the midst of a crisis or a life transition, such as a new job, the beginning or ending of a relationship, we do the best we can to overcome or cope with what life has given us in that moment. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to remain positive and strong during challenging times.

This is why it’s important that we build resilience.

Resilience helps us cope with life events more effectively, and restore our balance and internal peace. It helps to propel us forward and regain our strength. It helps us not lose ourselves in the circumstances, and maintain a healthy attitude, clarity of thought and mental capacity to continue to move forward.

So, how does one cultivate resilience?

Dr. Teresa Dean and I discuss ways in which we can exercise the resilience muscle, and talk about the benefits this can bring us.


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