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How to Effectively Deal with Tension Headaches and Recognize Red Flag Symptoms of a Headache

by | December 16, 2019

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I often get asked about natural ways to effectively deal with tension type headaches. If you suffer from frequent or chronic tension headaches, you have likely wondered if you can avoid or reduce the use of pain killers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Instead, you want to get to the bottom of your headaches, find the causes and triggers, and integrate less invasive approaches to dealing with your headaches.

I’m going to share three things with you in this article. I will write about what tension type headaches are and evidence-based approaches to treating and preventing tension type headaches. I will also tell you about RED FLAG symptoms of a headache that you must know about and that warrant immediate medical attention.

Treatment of a headache depends on what type of a headache it is, as well as what triggered it. Today we will focus on tension type headache, which is the most common type of headache. I am going to talk about not only how to treat a headache, but how to prevent it, because, let’s face it, the end goal is to eliminate headaches, or at the very least, reduce their frequency. 

What is a Tension Headache?

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