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How To Find The Best Diet For You

by | November 10, 2016

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Have you been thinking about starting a clean diet, losing weight, or choosing the diet that will help maintain your health, but don’t know where to start?

This week, Dr. Bojana Jankovic and Dr. Teresa Dean answer three top diet questions they get in their practices.

Dr Bojana and Dr Teresa Dean

How To Find The Best Diet For You

In this video, you will learn about whether low fat or low carb diet is best for weight loss, and we will deliver the facts you need if you are on or considering vegan or gluten-free diets. You will also find out which diet to implement to prevent cardiovascular disease.

We hope this information empowersinspires and transforms you to make positive changes for your health! As always, we invite you to post comments, ask questions, and provide suggestions for future topics!

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