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With the New Year being just around the corner, I wanted to ask you something. When was the last time you dealt with a change in your life, or are you dealing with one now? Whether it’s a move, a job change, a loss, or the beginning or ending of a relationship, transitions are all around us. Sometimes they are less intrusive, such as a small change in a routine, or a minor inconvenience one has to deal with. Sometimes they don’t have anything to do with us, but impact us: such as a change in season, or circumstances in our community.

How do YOU DEAL WITH TRANSITIONS? Do you continue moving full speed, do you take a pause to reflect and regroup before moving forward, or does it sometimes take you a while to recuperate before you can continue on your path?

Change is inevitable. Whether we willingly change something in our lives, or we face a transition we did not invite, we have to cope with the consequences.

Five months ago, I underwent one of these major changes. I moved from Los Angeles to New York City, changed my job, and my life routine underwent a major makeover. As I was getting my family settled in the new city, setting up new routines and ensuring that everyone is taken care of, I turned inwards to process this change. This prompted a reflection on some of the other changes in my life. For instance, when I immigrated to Canada from Belgrade, Serbia, during the war in my country. Of course, the two changes couldn’t have been more different, but the common themes for me are be in the moment, adapt, move forward with structure, a sense of humor, self-reliance, and a community.

I’m excited to share my recipe for change to HELP YOU THRIVE RIGHT HERE, also recently published on Best Self Magazine website:

1 cup of ancient wisdom + 1 cup of science + 1 cup of personal reflection

I hope that this helps you in your own reflections and you thrive during your change!!

To your best self,
Dr. Bojana


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