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Live Your Best Life in 2020: ROUTINE RESET

by | December 30, 2019

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While many of us like to make New Year’s resolutions, I’m a big believer in gradual, continuous optimization of our habits and lifestyle that lead us to our highest state of being. In this state, we are more resilient, we are more likely to thrive in life, work, relationships and health.

I have previously written about my take on New Year’s resolutions and setting up a path for gradual, long-lasting habit change.

Today, let’s talk about what these optimal habits are, to set you up for your highest level of health and thriving in 2020 and beyond.

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From personal experience, and from years of treating patients, as well as measuring stress hormone levels, here is what I’ve learned:

How rested you feel when you wake up in the morning and the routine you create when you get out of bed is associated with how you feel throughout the day, how much energy you have, and how productive you are. In order to have a routine of a high performer living the highest level of health, a good night of sleep is necessary. Consistently. 

What you do when you wake up is just as important to set up your day for high performance. 

Creating a morning ritual that sets you up for a productive day is key. This is a day where you are fully engaged with your loved ones and at work, you have energy, you feel creative, vibrant and have clarity on your priorities and goals. People will come up to you and tell you that they notice this glow and engaged, radiant presence that you have.

In this article, a day before we ring in 2020, I will share with you how to set up your evening and morning rituals to set you up for living your best life in 2020.

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Happy New Year and happy routine reset!
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