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Serbian Proja

by | September 21, 2016

Serbian Proja

Recipe by Dr. Bojana and Dr. Bojana’s mom, Liliana

3 eggs
10 tablespoons of corn flour
7 tablespoons of whole wheat flour
1 cup of milk
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 small plain greek yogurt
1 teaspoon of baking powder
300g of feta cheese (my favorite is the 365 Whole Foods brand)

Preheat oven to 400 F.

Beat together 3 eggs. Add in corn flour and whole wheat flour. Add milk to the mix and continue to stir. Add olive oil and continue to stir. Finally, add yogurt and baking powder. Add small pieces of feta cheese and mix well.

Spread a thin amount of extra virgin olive oil on a baking pan. Pour the mixture evenly on the baking pan and put in the oven. Bake until proja is dark yellow/brownish (usually 45 minutes or so).

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About the Author

Dr. Bojana

Dr. Bojana

Dr. Bojana (Boy•ana) Jankovic Weatherly is an award winning physician, double board certified in internal and integrative medicine. After completing internal medicine residency, she did a fellowship in integrative medicine, trained in functional medicine, nutrition and mindfulness. Her approach is rooted in evidence-based medicine that is personalized to each individual she works with.


  1. Karen (@duchess_karen)

    I can’t wait to try this!!!

  2. Lee Anne Elston

    Hi, Dr. B – I had made your Proja about a year ago and enjoyed it. I made it again this morning, and this time I threw in a few ingredients I had left over from last night’s dinner – a little roasted red pepper, artichoke heart, Kalamata olive and a bit of fresh rosemary. These did make the texture a little more dense, but I thought the flavors worked really well in the Proja. Thanks again for sharing your family recipes! (I’m going to try roasted tomatoes and fresh basil next time – Serbia goes Italian!)

    • Dr. Bojana

      I love this idea Lee Anne! I’m going to try a variation similar to yours-you’ve inspired me!


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