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Top Energy Boosters For This Holiday Season

by | December 22, 2016

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I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying time with friends and family! To those of you working, I know that feeling…I have done years of night shifts and call over the holidays and know what that feels like.

I also want to honor you for putting in the hard work over the holidays. Honor yourself and appreciate what you are doing for yourself and those who will benefit from your work.

Dr Bojana and Dr Teresa

Whether you are relaxing or going into the office every day, I think you will love mine and Dr. Teresa’s tips on top energy boosters. Enjoy the video here, and, as always, feel free to ask questions and/or post comments!

blooper reel: kids in kitchen

Also, as a bonus, Dr. Teresa and I have decided to share our BLOOPERS video with you! Besides being passionate about delivering information on how you can get and stay healthy, we are not afraid to make fun of ourselves.

Here, we share how we balance mommy-hood, put on high heels for the videos, and memorize research study facts before some of our videos.

Happy Holidays!
Dr. Bojana

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