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Top Tips and Facts You Didn’t Know About Sweeteners

by | December 20, 2016

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I am excited to share with you my two new videos with Dr. Teresa Dean where we are sharing our top TIPS and FACTS you DIDN’T KNOW about SWEETENERS, both natural and artificial.

Dr Bojana and Dr Teresea

As the holidays are right here, we anticipate some of you are baking more, and likely consuming more sweets + treats. We are all about satisfying the sweet-tooth, but in healthy doses and with the right sweeteners 🙂 

red cake

We will talk about how to use the right types of sweeteners in healthy amounts. Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary side effects from sweeteners and weight gain from inappropriate use.

Dr Bojana and Dr Teresa

Enjoy and happy cooking and enjoying delicious treats! (in moderation, of course.)

My warmest regards,
Dr. Bojana

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