• Juanita N. Eskubi, MCIL
    Posted at 09:29h, 06 November Reply

    An interesting video. As a self-employed translator I fit the perfectionist bill you so rightly pointed out; however, I think in my own case I’ve come up with my own version of mindfulness so to speak, i.e. I dedicate some time to myself or being with friends, like doing tap or Basque country dancing, both great outlets for channelling negative energy into positive energy, and other people who do these activities state the same.

    One of the points which drew my attention was that made by your colleague and friend Dr Teresa regarding high functioning people and the need to de-stress. The reason for this, is that today there are many people who are unemployed or who have had to retire early and are prey to depression and other kinds of stress due to their situation, and I was wondering what kind of suggestions you could offer these kinds of people, who are basically low functioning so to speak, yet have high stress levels. Here in the Basque Country and in particular Bilbao, the city council has a very wide range of activities for its citizens which are free, meaning even those whose income doesn’t allow them to perhaps to take part in certain activities, can still form an active part in city life. These activities are all aimed at making life less stressful, educating people, improving health, etc. All this made me wonder what kinds of things the US citizen has available to help them de-stress yet feel a part of society, given that state welfare is virtually non-existent, and most activities are provided by private individuals. Because no doubt you’ll agree in that sometimes people need outside help to understand their life is stressed even if a priori they are not what we would classify as high-functioning, but low-functioning, who maybe for one reason or another don’t have access to people who can explain some of the terms in a way that’s comprehensible and beneficial to them. As you know “life work balance” is today’s juggling act, which also often has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing if we’re not careful.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Enjoy your Sunday!

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