How to Sleep Your Way to Wellness

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Why is sleep important?

  1. Reduces fatigue
  2. Reduces anxiety
  3. Reduces risk of depression
  4. Boosts immune function
  5. Suppresses excessive appetite we get from sleep deprivation
  6. Improves learning ability and memory

How You Can Improve Your Sleeping Habits:

  1. During the day:
    1. Have a daily exercise routine
    2. Ideally no caffeine at all (or at least no caffeine after noon)
    3. No alcohol
    4. Your last meal should be light and approximately 3 hours before bedtime
  2. Before bedtime:
    1. Create a bedtime ritual like doing meditation, taking a bath, taking a walk, and reading a book.
    2. Do not exercise or watch TV right before bedtime.

If you are still having difficulty establishing a healthy sleep routine, you can:

  1. Consult with your health care provider
  2. Consider cognitive behavioral therapy for sleep (in person or online)
  3. Consider herbal remedies (or medications as needed, as a last resort; to be used at lowest effective dose, as infrequently as possible) after consulting with your doctor
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