Welcome our New Team Member!

by | May 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Please join us in wishing our Integrative Health Advisor, Bianca Kamhi, all the best as she takes her maternity leave beginning June 6th. Bianca will return in the fall to continue working with our patients in the same capacity. If you wish to schedule your next follow up(s) with Bianca before her leave, please contact Bridget via the portal for options in May and early June.

In the meantime, we will be welcoming Erica Gittleson, RD and health coach to our team. We are excited that our patients will be able to additionally benefit from Erica’s expertise as a registered dietician, and experience working as a health and wellness coach. Erica will be working with Dr. Bojana and Bianca closely this month to familiarize herself with each patient’s individual needs and wellness plan.

If you are not currently taking advantage of our Integrative Health Advisor’s support, and would like to inquire about setting up a visit, please email Bridget at Bridget@drbojana.com or call us at 646.627.8000. No matter where you are in your journey with us, additional support is always available and will be customized to your needs and goals.

About Erica:

Erica is a Registered Dietitian with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Syracuse University. She completed a post graduate Dietetic Internship and received an Advanced Graduate Certificate from State University of New York at Buffalo. She has 13 years of experience in Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition Education, Clinical Nutrition, Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching. Erica has both personal and professional experience with integrative and functional nutrition. She trained at the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy and has helped many patients with issues ranging from thyroid disease to digestive health problems and food sensitivities. Erica’s mission is to help each one of her clients not only manage their health but to thrive and enjoy life! In her free time Erica enjoys meditation, playing tennis, riding her bike, and discovering all the fascinating cuisines of Manhattan!

What Does an Integrative Health Advisor do?

Your Integrative Health Advisor promotes your well-being while encouraging you to drive the conversation and determine areas of desired focus. With the support of your Integrative Health Advisor, you will see the results you desire by consistently implementing small but mighty lifestyle changes. She takes into consideration your values, lifestyle, career, relationships and health goals and guides you to make strategic choices and informed health decisions. She works closely with Dr. Bojana, to support patients on their wellness journey to become the best version of themselves.

It can be overwhelming to manage the multiple recommendations from your health care team. This is where your Integrative Health Advisor can help you manage and implement these suggestions, according to your specific needs. Together, you will identify, understand and work through any potential obstacles that may be getting in the way of your path to a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, your Integrative Health Advisor will help you manage your response to stress, so you are more in control of your actions and use your internal resources to cope with stress effectively.