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Why Everybody Needs an Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor

by | August 3, 2019

I am often asked about what integrative and functional medicine are, how they differ from conventional care, and who should seek integrative and functional medicine care.

Given that I have trained in and practice all three, I recognize the strengths of each modality, as well as their limitations. I also understand the power of using all of the evidence-based modalities synergistically, while searching for the root cause and priming the body for healing.

Conventionally, conditions or symptoms are often treated separately, problem by problem, rather than considering them as multiple manifestations of the same root cause. A functional medicine provider seeks to find the cause(s) of pathophysiology responsible for symptoms and conditions that we have and addresses these directly. An integrative medicine practitioner combines evidence-based modalities from conventional and complementary approaches, to create a customized plan, based on patient and condition factors, that will effectively deal with the given condition.

Click here for a full article on what is possible with functional and integrative medicine, why everybody needs a provider that practices these modalities and what to look for when selecting your provider.

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