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Your Health on Hold?

by | August 3, 2020

The reasons why you think you should hold off on health coaching, may, in fact, be the very reasons why you NEED health coaching.

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It comes as no surprise, that in times of stress, uncertainty or change, we often put ourselves on the back burner. As our lives get busier and busier, our own wellbeing can get lower and lower on the “to-do” list. But the truth is, regardless of the situation, we can always find reasons to delay or put our health off, and most often, we do this because we feel we are prioritizing what’s necessary or feel that with certain obstacles, it is the best choice to make at the time. However, these obstacles are more often than not, the very reasons why you should take action, and not the other way around.

Some of the most common reasons why you may feel the need to put off care, may be having limited access to what food you have in the house, not feeling like your culinary skills are something you want to work on right now, or high stress and inability to focus or implement a new routine. Working from home and juggling a new work-life balance, or simply, the unease that comes with the unknown may also make it more difficult to commit to a new health journey

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Health coaching specifically targets these areas to help you optimize your health during a busy schedule, a complicated work-life balance, and high stress. So instead of putting off leading a healthier and happier life, set aside 15-30 minutes weekly, and get the guidance you need to improve upon things you’re already doing.

There are certain things we all do throughout the day, and we have the tools to help you use this time for yourself:

*Waking up: Wake up with intention, taking deep, cleansing breaths and doing 5 minute stretches that can be done while you’re still in bed.

*Showering/bathing: turn your shower into a “staycation” experience. Make the most of this time and listen to calming music, or do a morning (or evening) meditation to help focus your mind, expand your awareness and prepare you for the day (and your sleep). We love Pursoma bath products and doTerra oils for aromatherapy during shower or bath.

*Eating: check-in with yourself at each meal, and learn what happens to your body while you eat when stressed. Meeting with a health coach can help you not only come up with a meal plan, but can help you tackle some of the challenges you might be facing, and help you to change your relationship with food into a positive one.

*Hydration: focus on drinking more water each day, and replacing those extra cups of coffee, or afternoon soda, with much needed water. Your gut and skin will thank you!

*Sleeping: we all know sleep is important, but many of us struggle with insomnia. We can help you establish a sleep routine that will benefit your health.

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Right now, you might be facing unique challenges that you’re seeing as reasonable excuses to put your health on hold. Working from home has become a staple in adapting to the new norm for many individuals, and with that come new stressors, and new healthy boundaries to be drawn. 

Or, perhaps, the reason you’ve put your health on a shelf, is the feeling of the unknown. You might feel fear, or feel stuck, and bombarded with negative thoughts. Or, perhaps, you’re feeling the pressure to achieve everything at once!

Working with a health coach can help you establish a new work-life balance that helps you to separate your work life from your home life, when it’s all happening under one roof.

Whatever the unknown is bringing up for you, speaking with someone now can help you better understand and create a plan to prioritize and accomplish your goals, and overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges on the way.

Your health doesn’t need to be put on hold! Let us help you tackle some of the challenges, with creative solutions, tried and tested effective methods, with your optimal health as our primary goal. Let us lighten the burden, and help you make the most of your life!

Contact us at 646-627-8000 to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call, or an appointment with Dr. Bojana Weatherly and our health coach.


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