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How Can Integrative & Functional Medicine Help You?

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I am Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly, and I believe you have the power to transform your life and live at your highest level of health. 

I started my integrative medicine practice and this website with one goal:

To support YOU.

I’m here to help support your path to better health, higher energy, and more joy and fulfillment. Are you asking how? By providing you with the best evidence-based tools for healing and restoring the balance that Western, Integrative, and Functional medicine doctor services have to offer. 

I can definitely say your medical care and advice helped me to greatly improve my health – Thank you! Thank you for starting this website, it will help me to stay informed and on track to continued good health.


I’m here to help with:


Managing Stress

I want to learn to manage stress effectively so that I can be calmer and collected during challenging times, so it doesn’t compromise my health, productivity and sleep.

Work/Life Balance

I want a better work-life balance, instead of a constant push and pull between work, family and friends (and, oh yes, my own needs!).

More Energy

I want to have more energy to do the things I love.


I want to learn how to nourish my body and mind effectively, so I can feel better and achieve optimal health without depriving myself of things I love.

Healthy Habits

I want to be more proactive about my health and get to the root cause of my symptoms.

Optimal Health

I want to make my health a priority, but I’m not sure how and where to start.

Medical Practice

I provide internal medicine, integrative and functional medicine care to help individuals prevent, reverse and manage chronic disease. Click here to learn more about my practice.

I have plenty of experience with similar struggles, both personally and through my work with patients.

I’ve obtained extra training to be able to help myself and others through these challenges. Through my medical training, countless workshops, learning from mentors, reading relevant books and research studies, and closely observing strategies that helped me and my patients, I have been able to identify key elements that support health and balance.

And most importantly, I’ve also learned how to introduce these elements in a manageable way.

My approach has helped many of my patients, friends, readers and myself achieve a state of balance.

By joining my wellness community, you can learn to support your mind and body health and be fully present for your life. I am licensed in New York, California, and Connecticut.


I know that making yourself and your health a priority is not easy (trust me, I continue to work on it every day, and have yet to meet someone who has it 100% figured out!)
Many people feel guilty about carving out time for their health habits such as exercise, sleep and meditation because they are torn between many different work and personal obligations.


When you are healthy and well rested, you are a better partner, parent, friend and professional. You are able to do more and give more.

Dr. Bojana’s Mindfulness advice is helping me more than I can stress. Such wonderful tips and practical rationale.

Margaret Gallagher

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