Health Optimization Package

Dr Bojana with patient

If you are someone who is generally well and don’t have a specific medical condition, you are ready for a wellness plan to optimize your long-term health and want to stay on top of your prevention, this is the package for you. Our Health Optimizer Package is a great option to better understand where you are at baseline, understand your risk factors, see what you are doing right and what areas to improve to feel even better, perform better, sleep better and live better!

The Health Optimization Package includes:

Up to 4 visits with your doctor (MD). Visits are virtual and/or in office.

Up to 4 visits with your Integrative Health Advisor (IHA). Visits are virtual.

Unlimited messages with your doctor and Integrative Health Advisor

Healthy lifestyle guide
(approximately 200 pages)

Personalized Pillars of Health plan including:
Personalized nutrition plan
Personalized stress reduction plan

Valid for 6 months from time of first visit

Personalized labs review and recommendations

Direct lab pricing (your insurance may cover a portion)

Highly curated, personalized supplement recommendations on Fullscript

Referrals an collaboration with other healthcare providers

Investment: $3,830

Follow up care is available for this package, learn more here.