Dear Friends,

My name is Bojana (Boy•ana) Jankovic Weatherly, and I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. I would like you to know two things:

I believe that you have the power to improve your health & transform your life.

I am here for you

I know that making yourself and your health a priority is not easy and I would love to give you the tips and tools to support you in changing that.

I know that the journey that brought you here could not have been an easy one.
Perhaps you even feel like

I would love to experience more joy in my life.

I would like a better work-life balance – instead of a constant push & pull.

I want to have more energy

I want to learn to manage stress better.

I want to stop living in fear of the past or future.

I want to learn how to nourish my body and mind

I would love to feel fulfilled, rather than running on empty.

I want to make time to make my health a priority.

I understand that disconnect, and have patients who experience similar struggles. I myself actively work on these goals all the time.

You may want your mind to get on board for taking care of your body, but there seem to be so many roadblocks.

Just a few mindful steps can get you started.
I invite you to take the first step, and I am here to help.

So you might wonder – why me?

I have done the research.

I have always been fascinated by how the body and mind work, and how we can use our knowledge to heal and repair ourselves. Through my professional experience, training and education, I have come to understand that many conditions are influenced by the nature of our mind-body connection, our relationship to our environment and stress.

Our spiritual, social, intellectual, environmental and emotional wellness, greatly influence our physical well-being. Knowing that we can exert some influence over our body, mind and spirit to help us heal, and trusting that we have the ingredients within to make this possible, is crucial. Combining this natural wisdom with modern medicine, while honoring and listening to our body and mind, is the key to wellbeing.

I actively apply these principles on myself and recommend them to patients.

I first dipped my toes into yoga and meditation when I was pregnant with my first child. I was in residency training, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and my body was constantly showered with adrenaline from the high stress of caring for sick patients. I found the yoga and meditation to offer tremendous benefits, however quickly stopped the practices after my daughter was born. The same was true for when I was pregnant with my son.

By the time I started my medical practice, as part of a well established medical group in Beverly Hills, I realized that I was passing my life constantly preoccupied with my to-do lists, rushing from one task to the next, not stopping to appreciate the present moment and the beauty around me. It was so easy to miss the joy of precious moments at home, with my family, and at work, as well as to miss out on connecting with people I was in contact with.

In talking to many of my patients and friends, I found that it wasn’t just me feeling this way.

This is when I turned to yoga and meditation and learned about Ayurveda, a natural system of healing that originates from India. Since then, I have personally experienced the incredible power of a daily meditation practice and yoga in improving my ability to cope with stress, helping me stay present (whether at work or spending time with my kids), and truly embracing life.

I am certified to help.

I am a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician practicing general internal medicine in Beverly Hills. I practice evidence-based medicine and do my best to stay up to date on all of the current guidelines and recommendations.

After years of evidence-based research, practicing medicine, and personal experience, I have realized some of the limitations of modern medicine. I believe that modern medicine is necessary and continues to teach us more about how our bodies and minds work, as well as delivers tremendous breakthroughs in therapy. I have also learned that integrative medicine, preventative health care and a holistic mind-body-spirit approach are essential to healing and maintaining well-being.


My goal is to offer the best of all worlds
with simple, mindful and practical tools.

certification2016 – present, University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ
Integrative Medicine Fellowship

certification2010 – 2013, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine Residency

certification2009 – 2010, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Coursework in Epidemiology, School of Public Health

certification2005 – 2009, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
MD, Faculty of Medicine

certification2003 – 2005, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
MSc in Experimental Medicine

certification1998 – 2003, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
BSc, Biophysics Honors, Dean’s List Standing


certification2016 – Perfect Health Educator (Chopra Center)

certification2016 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, Insight LA

About My Logo

My logo is inspired by Ramonda serbica. This is a unique flower that was discovered in my country of birth, Serbia.

Even if completely dehydrated, it has this incredible resilience and has complete revival ability if watered. I like to compare this to the human spirit and our magnificent bodies. In a state of wellness, there are countless mechanisms, all acting synchronously, to keep us in homeostasis (balance). However, even if we are out of balance, we still have the capacity to rediscover it and use our inner resources to get in tune with ourselves and our environment, and thrive!