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Dr. Bojana’s philosophy

Dr. Bojana’s philosophy is rooted in a personalized approach to each patient. She is a doctor that gets to know each individual and her or his personal and medical story, lifestyle, and environment at her integrative medicine practice. Dr. Bojana uses the best of evidence-based modalities that Western, Integrative, and Functional Medicine have to offer and tailors these to meet your needs and goals.

Our bodies and minds have the innate ability to heal. My goal is to support you in your healing journey through evidence-based approaches that are tailored to you.

– Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly

Why this approach?

After years of evidence-based research, conventional medical practice, and personal experience, Dr. Bojana realized some of the limitations of the conventional approach in medicine.

Modern medicine is necessary and continues to teach us more about sophisticated pathways and mechanisms our body utilizes in health and disease.

It also delivers tremendous breakthroughs in therapy.

The conventional approach, however, often fails us when it comes to finding the cause of our symptoms and addressing this cause with lifestyle and natural approaches.

Dr. Bojana is one of the practitioners that has seen the results with integrative and functional medicine, preventative health care, and a holistic mind-body-spirit approach and this is why she is offering the most effective modalities available to her patients.

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is an approach that takes the most-effective, evidence-based modalities that Western and Eastern approaches have to offer.

By practicing integrative medicine, Dr. Bojana will prescribe Western medications and approaches when necessary, but her emphasis will always be on naturally helping your body get back into balance.

This is usually largely done through addressing your lifestyle and nutrition, stress management, sleep, relationships and connection to meaning and purpose, and supporting you by creating an approach that is tailored to your needs at her integrative medicine practice.

For someone who has never been exposed to meditation or more natural methods of stress and anxiety reduction, I didn’t know what to expect from the session I attended. By the end of just two hours with Bojana, I felt like I had an entirely new tool kit to start practicing mindfullness in order to cope with daily stress and I’m so happy I went.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does your approach to patient care go above and beyond standard care?

A: We are here to help you nourish your body and mind, and support your path to your best health, more energy and more fulfillment. Each person has her or his unique qualities, experiences and goals. We recognize this and while we apply the principles of integrative medicine, which includes internal and functional medicine when working with each patient, we go far beyond treating the symptoms. We search for the root cause(s) and work upstream of symptoms to help support the body to heal and cultivate the healing mindset. Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly applies the analytical skills and problem-solving principles she cultivated during her rigorous residency training program in internal medicine. Over the course of her career, she has witnessed the profound results that are possible with integrative and functional medicine, preventative health care and an integrated mind-body-spirit approach and uses and recommends the most effective modalities within these disciplines.

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