How to Shift from a Victim Mindset to a Resilient Mindset: Dr. Bojana

by | June 1, 2020 | Videos

In parts I and II of the interview with Eva Lana Minkoff of Wellacopia for the @humancarepodcast, Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly discusses how to develop a growth mindset during difficult times, cultivate resilience and choose what we focus on. If we intentionally shift our focus, while continuing to cultivate a deep awareness, during Covid19 and beyond, we can have more control over how we respond to situations, and being to shape our present and future.

In part III, Dr. Weatherly discusses testing for Covid 19. Given the rapid evolution of information and recommendations regarding Covid-19, please follow the CDC, WHO and your local health authority’s guidelines for up to date information.

Part I

Summary of Part 1

  • Optimism, silver linings and innovation during COVID-19
  • Relationships = Wellness
  • Victim mentality to resiliency
  • Self-care, gratitude and mindfulness, now and always
  • How we can explore the ability to change, growth mindset even when it looks hard/seems impossible
  • What happens to us vs our response to it

Part II

Summary of Part 2

  • Slipping back into fear and uncertainty
  • First acknowledging, then not judging, followed by controlling our response (vs. what happens to us)
  • A search for meaning and gaining full perspective
  • Eva’s post- birthday depressive episode shift
  • Creative expression as a tool
  • SLEEP! #1 Wellness hack

Part III

Summary of Part 3

  • Covid 19 testing


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