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What Every Man Needs to Know to Take Charge of His Health

by | June 15, 2017

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Dr. Teresa Dean and I are excited to share this video dedicated to men’s health. It is alarming that a large number of men do not get their preventive exams and testing done at recommended intervals. This may result in undiagnosed conditions, and may cause delays and lost opportunity for proactive disease prevention as well as treatment. Here, we share health guidelines and tips that every man should know about and discuss topics you should cover with your doc at your next physical exam/wellness visit.

We hope that this video helps you and your loved ones in your unique and beautiful wellness journeys! For the ladies receiving this, the screening guidelines we discuss (minus the obvious prostate discussion) apply to you as well! Please feel free to share with your male friends, family members and partners!

And, as always, if you have any concerns about any aspect of your health, talk to your doc!

To your health + wellness,
Dr. Bojana

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