What to Expect

What to expect in Dr. Bojana’s practice

Prior to the initial visit, we ask that you to complete a questionnaire to better understand not only your past medical and personal history, but also your health goals, values and needs.

Our appointments are longer than in a typical physician visit and last up to 90 minutes, in order to allow for enough time during your visits to review all relevant information, discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and most importantly, get to know YOU.

We treat the whole person, rather than disease.

Our goal is to get to the root cause of your problems, not only mask the symptoms. We then collaboratively create a comprehensive plan, that is personalized to you and your health condition(s) to set you up for success.


Dr. Bojana may recommend a variety of therapies, supplements and/or prescribe medications.1

When needed, Dr. Bojana may refer you to a specialist, a health coach or another healthcare practitioner.

Dr. Bojana will closely collaborate with any practitioners she has referred you to, to further optimize your plan.

After the initial visit, subsequent follow up visit(s) will be scheduled to review any new lab results, follow up on progress, and further fine-tune the treatment plan, as needed.

1 No controlled substances will be provided.

Outstanding human being and physician. She is empathetic, empowering and truly about bettering the lives of others.

Dr. Teresa Dean - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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